ENGL/EDUC 695: Writing & Technology

Course Summary

The purpose of this course is to assist teachers in using technology to improve student writing and to further writing-to-learn practices across the curriculum. Participants will consider theory and practice, will engage in related activities, and will discuss their own writings in response groups. In addition, participants will learn about and work with a range of online technologies, including blogs, forums, wikis, social software, and other technologies of the read/write web. Through readings, practice, and discussion, participants will consider ways in which these technologies can extend and improve student writing. By the end of the course, participants will have a range of successful methods and will develop online tools to use in the classroom.

Several of the class sessions will feature presentations by NVWP Teacher/Consultants trained in the Summer Institute. These teachers are selected because of their recognized expertise in the use of technology in the teaching of writing, their demonstrated ability to teach other teachers, and their open approach to ideas. All presentations contain underlying theory, activities through which teachers practice writing or the teaching of writing, discussion of ways to adapt these activities for participants' own students, handouts which include information necessary to implement the presentation ideas in the classroom, and an annotated bibliography. All presentations are geared to the needs of the participants.