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Education Notes

Technology in Education

"Technology is not the devil, nor is it the panacea you've been waiting for. It's a tool. Just like a pencil. Figure out what it's good for and leverage that to your advantage. Realize that there are interface problems and figure out how to work around them to meet your goals. Tools do not define pedagogy, but pedagogy can leverage tools. The first step is understanding what the technology is about, when and where it is useful, and how it can and will be manipulated by users for their own desires." - danah boyd

Presentation Notes

  • Developing Fluency and Reflection Online - This workshop will consider ways that asynchronous and collaborative writing online can be used to encourage more fluent and reflective writers. We'll look specifically at forums, blogs, and wikis, discuss theories about their place in the curriculum, and consider specific tools, methods of implementation, and evaluation.
  • Research 2.0 - (NVWP) notes and resources for using emerging online technologies to improve the research process
  • Working with Blackboard - an overview of important points about using forums, blogs, and wikis in Blackboard specifically
  • One-Day Tech Workshop - (NVWP) an overview of current issues, applications, and resources as they relate to education generally and the teaching of writing specifically
  • Tech4TCs - (NVWP) a series of five workshops for NVWP Teacher Consultants that explores a variety of emerging online technologies, focusing primarily on how these tools can help develop student writing